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S.No Discription Part No INR Price
1 Areca Raid SATA-II 1110 4LP Kit Areca Technology ARC1110 Call
2 Areca Raod SATA-II 1260 16P Kit Areca Technology ARC1260 Call
3 Areca Raid SATA-II 1120 8LP Kit Areca Technology ARC1120 Call
4 Areca Raid SATA-II 1130 12P Kit Areca Technology ARC1130 Call
5 Areca Raid SATA-II 1130 12P ML  Kit Areca Technology ARC1130ML Call
6 Areca Raid SATA-II 1220 8LP Kit Areca Technology ARC1220 Call
7 Areca Raid SATA-II 1230 12P Kit Areca Technology ARC1230 Call
8 Areca Raid SATA-II 1210 4LP Kit Areca Technology ARC1210 Call
9 Areca Raid SATA-II 1160 16P Kit Areca Technology ARC1160 Call
10 Areca Raid SATA-II 1170 24P Kit Areca Technology ARC1170 Call
11 Areca Raid SATA-II 1160 16P ML Areca Technology ARC1160ML Call

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